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While it may be simple enough for you, young children need assistance to learn the correct pencil grip. Their fine motor skills are underdeveloped, and holding writing tools can be challenging. To make sure your child learns how to hold a pencil correctly, continue reading the post below.



Not knowing what the new school year brings can be nerve-wracking to some students. Moreover, feeling unprepared or that you have little control over the situation can also cause anxiety. If the return to school has been keeping you up at night, the following post will share some tips on how...

Some children dislike reading and avoid doing it as much as possible. There may be many reasons why that is (ranging from psychological to physical). Still, if you'd like to learn the most popular reasons and ideas on how to remedy the situation, refer to the post below.

Why Some Children Avoid...


If you don't study during summer break, you can experience summer learning loss. This can be unfortunate, as it means you forget most of the lessons you learned during the previous school term, meaning you will return to school as a blank slate, unprepared to face the challenges of the new...

Visiting a museum with your child can be a great way to keep them learning and expanding their knowledge, even if they're on summer break. Learn how to make the most out of your child's visit to the museum through the post below.

How to Visit a Museum with Your Child

  1. To make sure your child...
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